🌻Understanding Meditation 🌻

 Meditation quietens your inner self and allows your mind to focus on one thing at a time. But who the hell has time to focus on one thing at a time these days? We’ve so many other things to be thinking about!

 When I first heard of meditation I imagined ‘hippy’ type people with long hair and baggy clothes in weird positions chanting ‘OM’ for hours. Since then Iv learned that sitting in weird positions is only one type and that there are many more options out there. It can be done no matter what your are doing or where you are. We meditate by performing tasks mindfully with our full presence and attention. If you are giving an action or thought your full attention in a calm manner, this is meditation. Stretching, exercising, yoga, breathing can all be meditations. A new type Iv recently come to understand is praying. In all religions meditation is key. Prayer helps you focus on the present, quietens your mind, keeps you in a still position, may forgive negative thoughts and promote thankfulness and gratitude. I never understood religion growing up. I just seen it as different groups of people who all believed in different stories. As Iv matured Iv realised that most religions promote Mindfullness, meditation, positive mindsets, gratitude, forgiveness, and all that other stuff I seen as ‘hippy’ attributes. I’m not saying I’m going to go off and become a nun now and I don’t intentionally sit down and pray to God and rarely go to church but I suppose Iv just become more aware of what exactly religion is now after 18 years in school learning about it 😂😂

 By learning how to meditate we discover new ways to deal with challengers and cope with problems. Meditation reduces stress levels and helps people find purpose and meaning in life. This can be a great coping skill for those who experience mental health difficulties to attain by helping them manage their symptoms. It can give us more energy and even reduce our risk of a heart attack? Soooooooo many pros. The only thing that can hinder your uptake of meditation is your mindset. If you believe meditation is bullshit and won’t work for you then it won’t. Mind over mater and all that jazz. I suppose you wouldn’t be attempting meditation if you thought it was all bullshit in the first place would you? Give it a go. If it isn’t for you then so be it. But no harm in trying!

J x


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