📚Organisation is KEY📚

“Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”


 Mindfulness seems to be about living in the present. BUUTTTT I just love organizing and planning waaaaay too much to constantly live in the moment. I don’t organize in extreme but I do like to have an organizer or diary with me where I write down upcoming appointments, trips planned, bills, budget. It keep’s me focused and help’s me remember. Budgeting is a must for me as I have my wages spent before I even get it. I work 3/4 days per week and do 13 hour days. My days off have to planned efficiently so I can ensure I make appointments, fit in socializing with friends. At the moment I’v got a personal trainer, I’m learning how to drive, doing a Masters part time, working full time and have to try fit in my friends and family in between. If I didn’t organise then I’d get nothing done!

 Organisation is key in the workplace. It help’s you keep on top of things, meet deadlines, ensure quality and give yourself some free time for a cup of coffee. The following are some tips to help keep organised in the workplace. I’ll do future posts on organizing at home and other environments in later posts.

Set yourself goals

Having a plan for the future will help you prioritize your activities and have something to work towards. The whole ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years time?’ question works well for this part. Have short term and long term goals that plan strategically how you will get where you want to go in your career and how you are going to make the next steps towards a promotion, or towards a new role. I’ll explain goal setting in its own seperate post soon.

Write a list

I LOVE LISTS! Whether first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, writing a list of the tasks you need to achieve will help you stay focused, and give you a sense of achievement every time you tick something off.

Limit distractions

If you’re constantly distracted from your work by emails, phone calls or social media, you need to practise concentrating on the task at hand. Try to manage a 45 minute stretch without checking any communication channels, followed by 15 minutes answering emails and phone calls and so on. This is a form of mindfulness.

Banish multi-tasking

Doing two things at once may seem like good time management but in fact, you will do both things less well than if you concentrate on one thing at a time. Quality over quantity.

Prioritise and delegate

We all get bombarded with a lot of information and tasks on a daily basis. Learn to filter out the most important or difficult tasks and tackle them when you are at your most alert. If you can, delegate less important tasks, but don’t micromanage other people’s activities as this will only add to your own workload. I personally find it difficult to delegate tasks at times. I’d be the awkward person who’d ask someone to do a task in a jokey half arsed way or end up doing everything myself instead of asking others. I’m just an awkward f**k really. BUT I’m getting better and I do delegate a lot more nowadays. I suppose it comes with experience and confidence in your workplace.

Be a ruthless filer

When a task lands on your desk, don’t leave it to gather dust. Decide when you are going to do it, and then either do it, file it or bin it according to what needs to be done. Having an organised folder system will help, so ensure every piece of work gets filed in the appropriate place as soon as it’s completed. Personally, clutter makes me anxious, stresses me out. When I clean and organise my workplace or bedroom or even my sitting room, the tension relief is amazing and the inner peace I achieve is just FABULOUS!


J x


🏊🏽Olympic Goal Setting🏊🏽

 So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Olympic’s that’s going on at the moment in Rio. These people participating in the Olympic’s have incredible determination and commitment. They sacrifice relationships, social life and work life. Training is long, intense and sometimes soul destroying. Olympians are truly inspiring individuals. Their spirit and drive can be mirrored to achieve your own goals and dreams. I’m sure these Olympians had aspired to one day participate in the Olympics and didn’t stop until they got there. So here’s some tips to achieve your goals like an Olympian:

1. Visualize it

 Picture yourself achieving your goal. At the start of this year I visualized myself driving a car. I would dream about it often and I could nearly feel my hands on the steering wheel and how the breeze felt when I had the window down driving at high speed (Ok, bit weird?). Imagine how you feel when you achieve this goal. What thoughts come to mind when you achieve it. What emotions are you experiencing? THIS WORKS! If you visualize something you really want to achieve you will eventually achieve it.  Oprha Winfrey and Conor McGregor are big believers of this! Those of you who have read The Secret will understand The Law of Attraction. Basically ‘Like attracts Like’ and by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. By focusing on the goal you want to achieve you can also bring this experience into your life. I’ll dedicate a post to the Law of Attraction very soon.

2. Make it YOUR OWN Goal

 Ever go to the doctors and  they’ve told you ‘You need to cut down on this”You need to lose a few pounds”Stop drinking’. You’re like o.k grand I’ll do that. Someone other than you has given you a  goal to reach and it’s not your own goal so you’re not really a***d achieving it. You might take the rebellious teenager approach and refuse to take advise from someone that is not yourself. We are more committed and motivated to achieve a goal we have developed ourselves. Ensure you are working towards a goal that’s for you.

3. Enjoy the journey towards your Goal

 You have to enjoy the process along the way or you’ll be miserable until you achieve it. It can hard work and tiring but its about understanding and accepting this. Embrace the hard work and it will make it more enjoyable. Keep telling yourself why you’re doing it and again visualizing how you’ll feel when you achieve it will keep you focused and make the journey a lot more fun!

4. Congratulate yourself after each small step

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to reward yourself. Keep yourself motivated by recognizing each small step and achievement. Buy yourself something small or treat yourself to something you like. Allow yourself to feel good about each and every step. Sometimes it can be a looooong wait until the end result. Who wouldn’t love a little present  on the days leading up to Christmas. Eh, me please? Thanks.

5. Positive mindset

 Changing your wording when speaking about your goals ‘I will get a car”I will get a promotion”I will go to the Olympics’ as opposed to ‘I’m hoping to drive soon”I want to participate in the Olympics one day’. Words motivate us! Look at Obama with his ‘YES I CAN’ campaign thingy. Very optimistic and very positive. You have to believe you are going to reach your goal. You have to believe one day you will reach it or why are you even making the steps towards it in the first place? Olympians are well known for their positive mindsets.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

The winner focuses on winning, the loser focuses on the winner

 Comparing yourself to others can be demotivating and cause you to become stressed. You cannot control how other perform and achieve. We can only control ourselves. Be in control. You lose energy obsessing over how other are doing. Keep all your energy for yourself. If someone is achieving higher grades or being promoted in work, be happy for them. Jealousy will also drain you of energy. If an Olympic runner was focused on the how others were doing they’d lose concentration and fall off track.

7. Find a good coach

 Every great Olympian has a good coach! They have people behind them who motivate them and help keep them focused. Surround yourself with people who have a similar strive in life, are motivated and want you to do well. Family, friends, partners, colleagues or even life coaches.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Break your goals into small steps.

Small. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time

 On your first day of learning to run, you won’t be able to run a Marathon. Start with a 2 minute run followed by a 5 minute run etc. These small goals are easier to achieve. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Huge  goals can be over overwhelming and can demotivate people. Taste success along the way. Don’t leave it all to the finish line. Fuel your appetite alog the way.

8. Prepare for hurdles

 Take control of the the hurdle by anticipating the challenge and plan any strategies for tackling it. Mentally prepare for challenges. Acknowledge that there will be challenges along the way and be aware of what they are. Don’t let them demotivate you. Get back up and keep running towards your goal.

9. Develop a positive stress ritual

 Have you ever seen teams before games and they all huddle around and usually have a positive mantra they chant and they might throw their hands up in the air together. These are pre-game rituals. For example before an interview I ensure I have meditated beforehand, no coffee, use positive affirmations and mantra’s. If I began to think of what could go wrong and how under pressure and stressed I felt, I would freak out and do s**t in the interview. Get into focus. Bring yourself to a level of calmness and maintain that. Visualize the positive outcome of the situation: winning the game or getting the job.

 So basically, Olympians come across as amazing individuals with all these fabulous skills but there is method to their madness.  Adopt these 9 motivational strategies and you too can make gold-standard achievements!

J x