⛺️How to stay Mindful at Music Festivals ⛺️

 As Electric Picnic approaches, I spend endless hours making lists, packing, re-packing, figuring out how much drink to bring, organising lifts down, finding the most unique bindi out there, checking and re-checking the weather forecast, picking all the acts I wanna see and making more lists. With all the stress and anxiety of preparing for a music festival, it’s important to not let that effect your experience once you’ve arrived. Iv created some tips to help you stay mindful this weekend and to ensure you get the most out of your EP experience! 

Body & Soul 

 This year festival goers can stay as mindful as ever at the Body & Soul area. With beautiful art pieces dotted across the expanse of the Body&Soul realm, a world of imagination has been created by a collaborative of artists from all over the country and overseas including sculptors, painters, carpenters, weavers, welders, dancers and ringmasters, all dreaming under the Body&Soul umbrella to bring you a little piece of their own magic.

The Zen Gardens

 The Zen Gardens located in the Body and Soul area offers hand-picked therapists and stunningly constructed Peace Pagoda. Step into creative workshops, healing journeys and pretty corners where you can sit back, relax and watch the surrounding electric energy as it passes you by.

 Just some of the workshops on offer include AcroYoga, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Hatha Yoga, The Art of Deep Listening, Laughter Yoga, Golden Egg Sound Meditation, Yoga & Pilates to Raise your Vibration and more. Therapies include Sound Healing, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage/Reflexology​ and Chi Energy Treatments. You can book your treatments and workshops here:


Spa Time

 In the Immerse Spa you can soak in the healing waters of the open-air wood-fired hot tubs with your fab friends or family. The Immerse Spa Experience has been designed to revitalise and heighten the senses, restoring radiance and vitality. 

 If you’re looking for a more personal touch, there are open-air seaweed and epsom salt baths with an unlimited supply of hot water on tap. Freshly harvested by hand on the west coast of Ireland, the seaweeds (FucusSerratus) are naturally detoxifying and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Epsom salts are an effective treatment for sore and tired festival feet, tension headaches and cramps. Book in advance here: 


Be in the moment 

 For the most part of music festivals people are usually mindful and living in the moment. You’re not thinking about work next week or a bill you didn’t pay last week. Not everyone has the patience to que to charge their phones so phone use is limited. Unless you have a portable charger of course (I have two😌). Most of my tips in the past 4 weeks of mindfullness will help you stay mindful throughout (see week 1-4 of a year of living mindfully). 

Fail to Prepare,  Prepare to Fail 

 Keep stress and anxiety to a minimum by preparing like a boss! Once you’ve organised everything you need before you go down then you’re prepared for all sorts. Iv created a list of some must haves for heading down: 

  • Wet wipes ( this is your shower and emergency toilet roll. Always bring a small pack in your fanny pack everywhere you go) 
  • Dry shampoo (they have hair salons down there if you wanna be really glam) 
  • Combination lock (trust me you’ll lose the key if not)
  • Glitter and more glitter (cause why not?)
  • Duct tape (it will fix anything) 
  • Trolley (cans are not fun to carry so borrow your Nannys trolley for a few days)
  • A light rain coat (easy to fold into a backpack) 
  • Fanny pack (safer and efficient) 
  • A big warm jacket and other hundreds of layers 
  • Leggings/shorts/ tights (jeans are not fun to walk around in when they’re wet) 
  • Socks, socks and more socks (even if it doesn’t rain your socks will 100% get damp. Over the knee/ knee high socks. Wellies burn is not fun) 
  • Wellies (I also bring my Dr Martens) 
  • Foot powder and spray (foot hygiene is essential at festivals) 
  • Bring any accessoriesthat are weird/ funky (anything you couldn’t wear out on a regular night in town) 
  • Furry Pjamas( you know those really soft ones from Penneys🐻 because you’ll be a bit fragile in the mornings) 
  • A small pillow (you’ll thank me) 
  • Yoga mat for under your sleeping bag (I got an inflatable one in Argos for like €9.99)
  • Camping chair (hide it in your tent when you leave the camp site) 
  • Don’t bring expensive things (there’s always a chance of being robbed so squirt your expensive foundation into a little tub)
  • Warm layers (it may be scorching in the day but I promise you at night it will get nippy) 
  • Munchies (no one wantsto walk 10 minutes for food when hungover. My nanny makes me sandwiches for the weekend😂)
  • Hat, gloves & earmuffs if you have them (sitting on a camp chair at 6am drinking cans and you’ll appreciate them) 
  • Festive friends (be careful who you go with as this can make or break your experience) 
  • Only drive down if you’re confident enough you’ll be able to drive your car home the Monday 🙈
  • Keep water at the camp site (we all know what’s it like to wake up with their mouth like ghandi’s flip flop) 
  • Camp with a gang (easier to find your tent and a lot safer for your belongings. Also it can be way more fun) 
  • Make friends with your neighbours (more than likely those who will rob you will be near your tent and know what drink or whatever you’ll have in it. ALWAYS befriend them)
  • A tent with a groundsheet and two skins (you want to be able to survive a storm)
  • Black bags (lay them under your sleeping bag for heat and use them to keep your wellies in at night cause no one wants dirty wellies in their tent)
  • Mouthwash (nasty morning breath) 
  • Sun cream, sunglasses and plenty of water (no one wants to get sunstroke or sunburn) 
  • Portable charger
  • Cable ties (they can help you tie things to your backpack etc.)
  • Sippy cup (really handy to when you’re lying down and need some alcohol) 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste obviously 

Read over my previous posts to gather some new skills and tips for making the most of your EP! 

P.s always expect the unexpected at festivals 
J x