🍎A Year of Living Mindfully: Week 4🍎


Attention informs our experience and helps us notice exactly what is going on. Our experiences become more vivid as we pay attention to them.

 This exercise teaches us how to prepare and eat food mindfully. This is definitely something I needed help with. I get food amnesia. My plate is empty and I don’t even remember eating it half the time. As for what it tastes like? Its never in my mouth long enough to even know.

Preparing your food

 Ok, so I was a bit reluctant with this bit. ‘Explore the process of food preparation with all of your senses’. Ommmm I am cutting a pepper. It wants you to pay attention to the knife chopping into the vegetable using all your senses. Smell the aromas of the vegetable. The sound of the pan sizzling waiting for the pepper to be cut. The smell of the oil burning. I suppose we all know this is happening when we prepare food but we don’t acknowledge it unless we hear the pot over boil or the food burning on the pan. This bit bored me to be honest. I felt like an insane hippy. Maybe others will enjoy this step.

Eating Mindfully

Explore eating in silence. No phone, no laptop, no t.v, no radio. Engage all your senses on that one action.

Look around the room and notice any sounds or smells. I heard birds and the next door neighbour slamming their door. Lovely.

How do you feel before you eat? I felt hungry. I felt excited to eat.

How do you feel after you eat? I felt full. I felt sad it was all gone.

How this experience differ from my usual eating regime? I felt calmer. I was aware of what I was eating and the pace of which I ate it.

How did they food you ate effect your mood later on? I ate a light breakfast so I felt energised and happier (I’m always happy after Iv eaten).

 How our food is presented to us makes us pay more or less attention to it. Colours, textures, smells. Colourful plates allow us to pay more attention to it. A white plate of mash potatoes is not going to trigger any senses and you probably wont pay much attention to it either. By making our plates more colourful and appetising we encourage healthier eating. How we feel after certain food informs us of our future food choices.

 Start off with drinking your morning cup of tea mindfully. Cuddle your cup. Feel the hot steam rise towards your face.Feel the warmth of the mug. Taste it. Smell it. Feel it in your mouth. Be in the moment. No distractions. Explore how your mind wanders to the past or future. acknowledge your thoughts. Bring it back to the present moment. Reflect on how you feel afterwards. Try start off by doing this for 5 minutes each day. You deserve to have at least 5 minutes when you don’t worry or stress about work or home life.

J x